Over the years we've taken note of what we do best, what we enjoy most, how we do it, and who most appreciates the level of service we provide.   We've been the beginning of things to come in a home, with a single bathroom remodel, and we've expanded & transformed houses into entirely new homes; and everything in between.  But the people we did these projects for all shared a few things in common.  If you share the traits and thinking we've covered below, we're for you.

We value a plan

Just jumping in.  It can feel good right?  It sounds fun, but when there's money, time, and sanity at stake - it's a bad idea.  Before any dust flies, we discover, design, and discuss your unique situation to make sure all are clear on what comes next.  And with an engineering and management background - we know how to manage your project - from the first call to the photo shoot.

We work with and for professionals

We are professionals, and expect everyone to take themselves and their jobs seriously, and bring some passion to work!  While our clients are understanding of challenges in our industry, they also expect a discerning level of service and a well-managed project.  As professionals themselves, they value the methodical full-service approach and understand it leads to a more stable project and dependable outcomes.

Your Home is in our area

We cover Atlanta and its suburbs mostly.  For the right project, we've ventured from  to Woodstock to Isleworth, Mableton to Loganville.  But we try to consider our needs and yours as location is determined.

You get what you pay for / Smart budgeter

Our clients value a boutique level of service, but without the boutique price.  So while our processes are refined for client experience, we are priced between the middle and the upper end.  Getting it right the first time is preferred - our clients understand that pinching pennies can mean a lower level of service that will lead to trouble and more costs.   We often work with budgets that range from $50,000-$100,000, with many budgets exceeding $200,000. But for us - every project, regardless of budget size, requires a plan. If you value you a plan - that's where we come in!